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December 12, 2013

Updated Google Settings Page

The Google Settings page has received a major makeover and switched to the card interface that's used in many Google services and apps. The page is more compact, better optimized for mobile devices and only focuses on the most important features. Advanced features like Google Dashboard or Takeout are linked from the "data tools" section. Google+ settings are available if you click "edit notification settings" and this page also has a new interface.

The security section lets you change your password and recovery options.

The language section lets you skip translations for one or more languages and also enable input tools.

While the new interface looks nice, I feel that there are too many links that send you to separate pages and the transition is not smooth. Here's an example for Google Takeout, which shows a "Data Tools" link that sends you back to the Google Settings page:

{ Thanks, Emanuele, JD, Jérôme. }

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