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December 27, 2013

Google+ Photo Search Filters

Google+ Photos has some filters you can use to refine your search results. Just click the search box or the small arrow icon and you can choose the source of the photos (Auto Backup, Hangouts, Google Drive, posts) or the type of results (Auto Awesome, photos of you, photospheres, videos). For some reason, Google uses hashtags and they don't work well all the time: the #Videos hashtag returns not only videos, but also photos that match "videos".

Here are the hashtags: #AutoBackup, #Hangouts, #GoogleDrive, #Posts, #AutoAwesome, #PhotosOfYou, #PhotoSphere, #Videos. You can add them to your query and filter the results. Google first shows your photos and then the photos from your circles. If you choose the source of photos, Google will only show your photos.

Some cool searches you can try:

- #AutoAwesome (all your Auto Awesome photos and videos and the ones from your circles - if they're public or shared with you)

- #AutoAwesome twinkle gif (find photos with the twinkle effect)

- #AutoAwesome motion gif (find photos with the motion effect)

- #AutoAwesome snow gif (find photos with the snow effect)

- #PhotoSphere (show panoramic images uploaded from Nexus devices)

- #AutoBackup (quickly find the photos from your mobile devices).


  1. #desktop
    -> find photos from Google+ Auto Backup for the Desktop

  2. you can also do #panasonic to get all photos taken with your panasonic camera or any camera for that matter just use #sony or #nikon or #canon etc...


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