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December 24, 2013

Auto Awesome Year in Review

Auto Awesome brings more and more reasons to upload your photos to Google+. There's a new Auto Awesome gift: a video that highlights some of the best photos and videos you've taken in 2013. It's the year in review, a short video with nice music and cool transitions. You'll receive a notification in the Google bar when your video is ready.

"This time of year we reconnect with loved ones, and we reflect on the moments that really matter. Photos and videos help preserve these moments, and when you save them to Google+, #AutoAwesome can bring your story to life in meaningful, magical ways," says Google's Anil Sabharwal.

You can check the "year in review" videos shared by other Google+ users by searching for #year2013.

"I am a little disturbed by how awesomely accurate this automatically created summary of 2013 video Google somehow made from my photos/videos of this year. Pretty awesome if a bit creepy," says Rob Fisher, a Google+ user. "This motivates me to take more photos/videos next year for another great end of year video," says Stefan Fritz.

{ Thanks, Mukil. }

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