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February 17, 2015

YouTube's Also Subscribed Section

When you go to a channel, YouTube's desktop site now shows a list of people who subscribed to that channel and they're also in your Google+ circles. For example, YouTube lists 3 people from my Google+ circles who subscribed to the TED channel.

If you haven't subscribed to the channel, YouTube shows a similar list with people who "already subscribed" (instead of "also subscribed").

If you click a thumbnail, YouTube sends you to the Google+ profile page.

{ Thanks, Anthony. }


  1. maybe you could tune it so it won't show people you suggest for me to follow? just because I shit posted on someones video begging for patron donations way back when doesn't mean I want to follow them nor see their google+ profile pop up like they are already in my circles.

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  3. How do you get rid of it, it's really annoying to constantly have this shown when I'm on YouTube. Even when they're not even in my circles.

    1. I agree! I would like to know the answer to this too!!
      I have the person blocked, as well as a few others, and they're the ONLY ONE showing up, & I checked and do NOT have them on my contacts list nor Google Plus!

  4. how do i get rid of it? i don't even know the people in there, they're they're not in my circles, and i tried blocking and muting them, they're still there and i don't want them there

  5. Compared To Followers You Know On Twitter

  6. I wound up just using adblock to hide it.

    Just randomly started showing up on some channels but not others. I have no circles, as I don't use Google+ for anything but YouTube. And they're supposed to be removing Google+ integration, not making it stronger.

    I mean, it's already why you don't get +mentions when you reply to a comment on a video page.

  7. So I just realised this, but H2O Delirious is one of those icons in the already subscribed list for me...pretty sure both people need to be following each other before you see an already subscribed feature...

  8. This "Also Subscribed" is so annoying. It is ONE YouTuber I used to subscribe to, don't anymore, and whenever i'm on a channel that he is subscribed to he shows up. ONLY him. He is not in my circles, I've blocked him. It is really bad, google.

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