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June 10, 2015

Send Places to Mobile Devices in Google Maps

Google Maps now lets you send a place from the desktop site to the mobile app for iOS. You first need to open Google Maps for iOS, go to the Settings, tap Notifications, enable "Sent from desktop Maps" and tap OK to allow Google Maps to send notifications. "Make sure you're signed in to Google Maps with the same account across your computer and mobile devices with the latest version of Maps for mobile installed," informs Google. Then you can search for a place in desktop Google Maps, click "send to device", pick the iOS device and you'll get a notification on your device. If you miss a notification, you can find in the "Recent notifications" section from the Settings.

Some similar features are available for Android from the desktop Google Search site. You can send directions, notes and even set an alarm. Unfortunately, "send to device" is not available in Google Maps for Android yet.

{ via Lifehacker }

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