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June 22, 2015

Google Notifications Settings

Google's notifications box from the navigation bar has a new settings button. For now, it shows only 2 services (Google+, Google Photos) and it lets you enable or disable notifications from Google+ and Google Photos.

Here's a screenshot that shows the option that's currently available: "allow notifications here from Google+". For the first time since Google+ was launched, you can now disable Google+ notifications from the navigation bar.

Google Photos was also added to the settings section. When I first checked the settings, Google+ was the only service available, but Google Photos was added after a few hours. If you enable "Suggest new creations" in Google Photos settings, the Assistant feature will automatically create animations, collages and videos from your library and will trigger notifications.

Maybe in the future Google will show notifications from other Google services: Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, YouTube. The title is now "Google Notifications" instead of "Google+ Notifications".

{ Thanks, Mukil Elango. }

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