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November 5, 2015

Google Updates Search Interface For Tablets

It looks like Google updated the search interface for tablets and switched to the mobile UI. The previous tablet interface was an interesting combination between the desktop and mobile UIs.

Here's a screenshot from Safari for iPad:

And here's a screenshot from Nexus 7:

It's strange to see that Google still shows the "mobile-friendly" label, even though it's not that important for tablets. It's also weird that Google abbreviates long URLs, while there's enough space to display the entire URLs. Google switched to the mobile UI and forgot to optimize it for tablets.


  1. Is there anyway to revert back to the old interface? Or to a desktop view?

  2. Well. "mobile-friendly" doesn't necessarily mean that it has to be optimized for smartphones, but more for touch-based devices, which includes a tablet. So in that sense, it makes sense.

  3. Posts by some visually impaired tablet users in the Google Search Help Forum say the move reduces accessibility, because they're now unable to "zoom" the results page to enlarge and read the results.

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