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January 13, 2007

Best Google Gadgets

Google published the results of Google Gadgets Awards 2006, a competition in which US students could submit a gadget for Google Desktop or Google Personalized Homepage.

The best gadget that works in both Desktop and the Personalized Homepage is MapMyWord, a gadget that uses WordNet database to show you definitions, synonyms and relationships between words.

The most useful gadget was considered GadgetMaker, that lets you view any webpage from your Google homepage. Unfortunately, the space is too limited to find it very useful for most sites.

MyMoodJam is the prettiest gadget and also the gadget that "will help you get a date". Slashdot's founder, Commander Taco, said: "Chicks dig sensitive dudes in touch with their emotions, and nothing would trick them faster than something like this." The gadget works this way: you tell me your moods and I'll show you a pretty visualization of your moods.

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