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January 2, 2007

Browsing the Web Using Google Cache

Google Cache is a great solution if a web page is down. If you're visiting a site and it returns a 404 error message, you can either do a search on Google for that site (add the cache: operator, so your search query would be something like or you can use this Firefox extension that provides a custom error page.

Google Cache shows a page like it was when Google last crawled it successfully, so it may be outdated. Google doesn't store images, scripts and other embedded objects, but it tries to retrieve them from their original location. If the page is down, most of the external resources won't be accessible and the page will load slowly.

In this case, it's a good idea to click on the "cached text" link to see only the text. You can also add &strip=1 at the end of the URL or install this Greasemonkey script that adds a link to the text version of the cached page in the search results page.

While reading the page, you may find other interesting links from the same site. Instead of repeating the same steps, you can install a Greasemonkey script that adds a new link to the Google Cache version for all the links from that page. This way, you can browse the web from Google Cache.

Oftentimes, pages load much faster from Google Cache and it's easier to spot your keywords as they are highlighted by Google. You'll also bypass access restrictions, so you can use it as a primitive proxy.


  1. since the knock out of six undersea cable, i hv been pretty much relying on google cache to browse web page, especially wikipedia. And it works well!

  2. Hi, I had my website built ( ) by a so called professional web designer and didn't like what he had done with it at all... plus he had managed to spell decorating wrong in the description!! so i look a fool when people try to find me via Google. I have since rebuilt the site myself but the cache on Google is still showing the old version.
    Can anyone tell me how long it takes Google to update theoir cache? If at all?
    Much appreciate a reply on this..
    Thanks alot.

  3. Create a sitemap and submit it to Google.

    It's not possible to request Google to recrawl your site, but you can try to make it more visible (more links from ther sites). Usually, Google recrawls popular pages more often.

    Anyway, Google last crawled your site recently (Apr 10 for the homepage, Apr 18 for other pages), so you just have to be patient. Few people check the cached version.

  4. A good online sitemap generator is ROR. Upload the generated file to your site's root and submit it to Google.

  5. Hi, iounut alex chitu!!!

    Thanks for the tip.. it was a great help!! I now have a sitemap that i've submitted to Google. I have been looking into sitemaps but was getting a bit confused with it all.
    Thanks for clearing it up.
    Much appreciated.

    By the way the cache's been updated now too so i'm not known as a decoarting firm anymore.


  6. how important having a ROR is?

  7. A sitemap makes it easy for a search engine's crawler to discover all the pages from your site. That doesn't mean you'll get better rankings, just that your pages have better chances of being indexed faster.

    After creating your sitemap, you can submit it to search engines (Google, Yahoo). For blogs, you can submit the feed.

  8. he grasemonkey script for 'Google cache continue' don't work. And it doesn't install on my pc. The 'install' button does nothing.

    So i copied it, created a news script.... but noting. What's the use?

  9. You need to install the Greasemonkey extension (and have Firefox). The script works just fine and shows the version from Google Cache of most of the links from the page.

  10. Google is my primary search engine. When I enter my search words in it I then usually hit cached to lead me directly to what I want. As of October 6, 2008 that has not been working anymore as I get a error message like the URL is not available. How do I correct this?

  11. My Google cache doesn't work anymore. I've tried it on too many searches that regardless of the website I cannot retrieve anything hitting "cached". Is it my computer, or is AOL interferring with a program? How can this be fixed?

  12. Try I used it recently to find my "lost" un-backedup blog entries.

  13. wants to know, how i can index my website fast.

  14. Want to know the speedly Caching of web pages.

  15. Well to start off with I don't like anyone that knows more about my business then me.I do think Google is a fast search engine.I just prefer privacy over speed.

  16. I need help with the Cache.
    I can not access it any more, google thinks I am a spammer.
    I tried to recover files from a friend who shut down his server and all my fiels are lost. So I started off with the first 20 or so cached text files all right, and then boofff suddenly ... access denied, even if I enter the code letters to identify me as a human.

    What can I do go get back to the files from this pages?

  17. @Gabi:

    Use a proxy that hides your IP. For example, try one of these proxies.

    Probably Google blacklisted your IP for a couple of hours/days because you tried to access too many pages in a short period. Next time when you use a tool to download pages from Google, make sure to add a delay between requests. For example, wget has an option --wait=seconds that lets you "wait the specified number of seconds between the retrievals".

  18. Thanks a lot, all is solved now!!

  19. I am so glad that I found this site. I need someone to talk to so bad. Actually, One of my site is not cached in Google since 3 months. How can I increase my cached rate in google and make it worldwide????
    Here is my site which I have to cached in google:

  20. Google has saved old cache of my website, even the title is different.. help!!!

    how can i change the cache title and upgrade my website in google cachcle????

    my site is:

  21. Can u tell me how often google crawls web pages?

  22. I don't like anyone that knows more about my business then me.I do think Google is a fast search engine.I just prefer privacy over speed.

  23. hi, anybody help me to find a manner of google caching in a fastway......?????????

  24. You guys can try from which you can freely recover your website from the search engines cache. You simply just have to enter the url for the website, and you recieve a download link, from which you can get a zipped file with the websites html content.

  25. It hurts when you search for the site but it never opens. However, Cache searching has some solution. But before, not all people get the process to benefit from it. It's a nice post. thanks. :)

  26. the knock out of six undersea cable, i hv been pretty much relying on google cache to browse web page, especially wikipedia. And it works well!


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