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January 22, 2007

Google Personalized Home Shows Feed Snippets

Google Personalized Homepage tests a new way to display feeds. Instead of only showing the titles, Google displays a snippet from each item and the date. I think the layout looks too complicated and could be simplified by including the snippet in a tooltip, like does.

Note that you might not see this change in your personalized homepage yet.

{ Via Blogosoped Forum. Found by Niraj Sanghvi. }

Update: It seems that Google shows the full content of a post (at least for this feed and other FeedBurner feeds like Slasdot's), but it does a poor job at handling big images and long text. For most of the other feeds, they only show a snippet. Also, you won't see snippets for ATOM feeds (e.g.: Official Google Blog or any other Blogger blog that uses the default feed).

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