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January 4, 2006

New Google data center: Google Bigdaddy

Google has a new data center nicknamed Bigdaddy, as Googler Matt Cutts writes. Matt expects that Bigdaddy’s results, which are still experimental at this stage, will become the default for Google. Matt says, “[Bigdaddy] has some new infrastructure, not just better algorithms or different data. Most of the changes are under the hood, enough so that an average user might not even notice any difference in this iteration.”

"The changes on Bigdaddy are relatively subtle (less ranking changes and more infrastructure changes). Most of the changes are under the hood, and this infrastructure prepares the framework for future improvements throughout the year."

If you want to help test-drive the new results, you can do so by searching at (recommended IP) or

It looks like [sf giants] is a fine query to see if you’re hitting Bigdaddy. If you get at #1, you’re searching Bigdaddy. If you get at #1 and an uncrawled url at #3, you’re hitting the older Google infrastructure.

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