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January 9, 2006

Great freeware: FreeRAM XP Pro memory manager

FreeRAM XP Pro frees and optimizes your computer's RAM (Random Access Memory). Often, other applications may hog or incorrectly use RAM, which decreases your computer's performance. FreeRAM XP Pro frees this RAM so your computer can run faster and more smoothly. The need to reboot is also less frequent.

How does it work? FreeRAM XP clears junk out of RAM and flushes less-often used items to the swap file. There they do not take up any RAM, and are reloaded from the swap file on a need-to-use basis.

FreeRAM XP Pro's AutoFree feature enables it to clear out no longer useful data from RAM without affecting RAM still used by programs and applications.

FreeRAM XP Pro is, of course, freeware, has only 600 KB, and got 5/5 rating on

Looking to free up some RAM on your running system? Then FreeRAM XP Pro is the program for you. Truly freeware, it gives you complete access to all its features at no cost. You can either have the program automatically optimize your system, or you can specify how much memory you'd like to free up. Advanced tray support, automatic memory monitoring and optimization, system-metric monitors, and real-time memory information are just a few of the features that make this program attractive and useful. You also can apply different sounds to different actions. It's doubtful you'll find a memory optimizer easier to use than FreeRAM XP, making it a smart pick for anyone who's ever been frustrated by a poky PC.

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