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January 6, 2006

Yahoo connects PC, TV and mobile phone

Yahoo launched at CES its Go initiative, a series of connected initiatives which exist outside the browser. Yahoo will present at

  • Yahoo Go Mobile - apps for mobile devices that will organize your content on your phone and keep it automatically synched with your online account. Will include Yahoo Mail, Messenger, Photos, calendar, address book, Web and image search, news, sports and finance, and come with Nokia 60 series phones (Nokia N70 Nokia 6680 Nokia 6681 Nokia 6630 Nokia 6600 Nokia 7610 Nokia 6670 Nokia 6682 Nokia 6620) and available to Cingular and AT&T customers in 10 countries. In order to use Yahoo! Go, your phone requires:
    2 MB free on the phone’s internal memory and 8 MB free on a separate memory card.

  • Yahoo Go TV - sends entertainment related services to a TV connected to a PC, like Windows Media Center does. Will include local and video search, access to content from CNN and MTV, movie trailers, and other info from My Yahoo. Will hit in April and be ad supported. Will have a program guide that combines TV listings with user-supplied ratings and reviews. Will work with any remote control.

  • Yahoo Go Desktop - another name for Yahoo Widgets, or Konfabulator.