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January 27, 2006

General Motors ad: Just Google Pontiac

Television ads often stimulate Internet search behavior by increasing brand awareness or sparking curiosity, as often demonstrated by Hitwise. But this General Motors spot is significant because it ends with an unusual call to action: "Don't take our word for it. Google Pontiac and discover for yourself." And the ad ends not with a URL or phone number for a local dealer, but an actual Google screenshot with Pontiac typed in.

General Motors’ head of sales and marketing said in Business Week:
"We’re touting Google, frankly, because it stands for credibility and consumer empowerment, and we like the association."

It seems that Mazda also bids for Pontiac keyword in Adwords. Here's a closeup of the Mazda ads showing up, not only are they ads for Mazda they are pointing people to a head to head comparison of the MX 5 vs the Pontiac Solstice.