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January 16, 2006

SEO contest: v7ndotcom elursrebmem

Yahoo search was able to index the sites which have covered or entered in the v7ndotcom elursrebmem SEO competition - 24 hours after the contest keyterm was announced. The SEO contest is being hosted by , who have announced the keywords which must sites must be ranked within the top 5 of Google results in order to win : V7ndotcom Elursrebmem. Elursrebmem is “Members rule” spelled backwards.

The rules for entering the contest are simple, in order to qualify for the contest a page must have either a link back to the V7N home page, one of the Official ‘V7ndotcom Elursrebmem’ v7n SEO Contest banners, or the following text “We support“. To win the first prize (4000$ + one iPod), you must place first in Google (organic rankings) for the search term on May 15, 2006, noon, Pacific standard time.

For more information, visit Contest Keywords Announcement Forum.

So it seems that Yahoo has a more up-to-date index than Google, probably because Google wants to check new pages for spam.