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September 27, 2007

Google Buys Zingku, Mobile Social Network

Google's plans to extend in the mobile space could include the launch of a mobile phone. For now, Google bought another mobile social network: Zingku. "We've entered into an agreement to have Google acquire our Zingku service," informs us
Our service is designed from the mobile phone, outward, allowing you to create and exchange things of interest ranging from invitations to "mobile flyers" with friends in a trusted manner. On the mobile phone, Zingku uses standard text messaging features that come with every phone. On the web, our service uses your standard web browser and instant messenger. There is nothing to install.

With Zingku, things you wish to promote or share, can easily be created and fetched via mobile, instant messenger, and web browser. Our service integrates your mobile phone with a personalized web site so that you can easily move (zing) things back and forth between the web and and your mobile as well as powerfully connect with friends and optionally their friends.

Zingku's features include:
* Store & fetch mobile photos and txt reminders with alarms on your companion mobile web site.

* Share mobile photos and posts with friends and friends-of-friends with txt msg'ing, instant messenger, & web.

* Gather a big crowd & their friends with txt messaging, IM, and email, all at once!

* Take an instant poll among friends, all with txt messaging. "Hey what should we do ? 1. Movie 2. Dan's party"

* Your own mobile cards that people fetch by txt'ing a magic code. Make as many as you want & link them together.

* Fetch postings from any blog or any syndicated feed (RSS, Atom) to your mobile phone via txt message.

The service is limited to the US and, until Zingku migrates to Google's servers, you can't create a new account.

In 2005, Google bought dodgeball, another mobile social network, but the product stagnated and its founders decided to leave Google. Grandcentral, another Google acquisition, links all your phone numbers. Zingku could unify instant messaging, SMS and email.

Update. Google confirms the acquisition: "It is true that we acquired certain assets and technology of Zingku. We believe these assets can help build products and features that will benefit our users, advertisers and publishers."

{ Thank you, Mark and Andrew. }


  1. Weird, the same service is/was also available at these sites:

  2. Ripple9 seems to be a version Zinku for bands and singers.

    "Ripple9 is a free service that broadens your fan base by delivering your music, pictures and reminders of your upcoming gigs directly into the mobile phones of your fans.

    Ripple9 allows you to promote your music in a new way by putting your music where it should be, in the hands of your fans.

    Mobile flyer - Deliver a text message “mobile-flyer” leading your fans to band info, gig alerts, ring tones, wall paper, & more...

    Gig alerts - Fans receive a text message automatically reminding them to show up to your next gig. They'll forward along to their friends!

    Mobile posts - You and your fans post pictures & videos from their mobile phones to a "mobile billboard" on your MySpace page and web site.

    Friends - Grow your fan list while you're on the road! Get fans to join your fan list via text messaging. Reach fans on mobile, IM, and email in a single blast!"

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  4. Already mentioned, but I also cannot help but think about what happened to the dodgeball acquisition and why it stagnated...

    Anyway, Zinku does look like a good mobile social network platform, albeit using the more "old tech" way which is the SMS. This products looks like it needs to be integrated with Google's main services to fully realize its capacity. I assume though that their web interface is decent enough to be able to have a "feel" of your network, because I think that's hard to do through just the sms interface

  5. Google is on the path of creating footsteps to be followed by others as it is the world leader in Internet Search Engines, it also revolutionised online advertising through Google Adsense, and unlimited space for Free emails on Gmail.

    Best of Luck to Google

  6. Any idea about what google is going to do with zingku? May be something like what i have stated here

  7. SMS may seem old-fashined, but think about low-cost handsets, and countries with limited computer accessibility (mobile is sometimes the only communication tool)

  8. but Zingku is available only in US. Maybe Google could think of acquiring or for similar services in INDIA.


    this site gives a really good description of what a mobile socail network does. im not too sure if the music app is in yet.

  10. I'm not sure if anyone heard of Txtms, but it's a cool new application that allows you to exchange contact information with anyone by a single text message. I use it and it makes my life easier.

  11. Google should have gone for myzenplanet's solution if they had known about this company before they got zingku. myzenplanet has mobilized many of google's services such as youtube, blogger as well as other popular sites like mtv, vh1, flickr. Heard they are doing facebook too. Check them out, you can download their client from their website

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  13. Google should have done the same with a social networking with all the infotaiment users need :0

  14. the best social mobile network is qeep. It's so user friendly and has lots of cool features!

  15. i am confused google should have done social mobile network.
    Google is on the path of creating footsteps to be followed by others as it is the world leader in Internet Search Engines

  16. Google should have better acquire MagnetU. If they take MagnetU and just put the name Google mobile on it, they will change the way people communicate in the mobile life. It's getting crazy in Japan, China, Taiwan and other places.


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