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September 2, 2007

Google Presentations and JotSpot Could Be Available Next Week

Google will participate at the Office 2.0 Conference that takes place next week in San Francisco. Jonathan Rochelle, Product Manager at Google Spreadsheets, will be there:

"Almost a year ago - it was October 10-11, 2006, actually - I participated in the Office 2.0 conference where we (Google) announced the combination of two of our collaborative content creation/editing products: Spreadsheets, which was in Labs at the time, and the Word Processing product formerly known as Writely. Google Docs & Spreadsheets won't even be 11 months old when this year's Office 2.0 conference is held.... which is really just a shocking (to me) reminder of how young this space is."

This conference seems the perfect place for launching the much-anticipated presentation app. Google announced in April that the "due date is this summer" and made two acquisitions: Tonic Systems and Zenter.

Another Google acquisition, JotSpot, could also be integrated into Google Docs. JotSpot's help center is already hosted at, the same as JotSpot's discussion board. In January, JotSpot launched "the last JotSpot version produced before the migration [to Google's infrastructure] occurs", while in July, Dave Girouard announced that JotSpot will be a part of Google Apps.

After all, if Google launched Docs & Spreadsheets at the Office 2.0 Conference, it makes sense to showcase its evolution there.

Update (Sept. 7): No Google announcement at the conference. A new information about JotSpot's development is that it could replace Google Page Creator.


  1. My eyes are peeled!

  2. Google should buy food and medicines for people in India, Africa, Nepal etc.., and then zoho.

  3. @Richard

    the US government is already spending BILLIONS every year. Ask the government in africa, india,... where all the money is...

  4. You're forgetting that Google also bought Gapminder (, which functionality is obviously for presentations

  5. Zoho suite has many redundancies with existing Google Apps, but for the most part (except the beloved GMail) all are better products. As a Zoho user, however, I would hate to see my favorites absorbed by the G steamroller.

    Gapminder is really visualization software, not a PowerPoint look-alike. Expect to see it first in Google Analytics, then in a specialized GData rendering engine (perhaps even a desktop-only app like GoogleEarth).

    Gary Burge

  6. Zoho is wonderful in theory, but it is buggy. I would love to patronize the little guys, and I hope Zoho continues to improve its product. But until it becomes more reliable, I'll stick with Google.

  7. Can't wait. i hope it does replace Google Page Creator


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