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September 1, 2007

Google OS Tab for Your iGoogle Page

Google has improved the way you can share iGoogle tabs with your friends. Now you can also share the settings, so a weather gadget will keep the information about locations, zip codes and temperature scale.

Here's a Google OS tab that contains some of the most popular Google gadgets grouped in three columns:

- navigation and search (links to the most important Google services and to your bookmarks, a gadget for searching the web)

- news (the top Google News and your feeds from Google Reader)

- communication (Gmail, Google Calendar, to-do items and Google Docs)

This tab remembers some of the changes I've made to the gadgets: I removed some Google services from the list of links, I added a custom section to the Google News gadget and disabled local search in Google Mini Search.

To share a tab, you need to click on the small arrow next to its name, select "Share this tab" and enter a list of friends. If you only want to get the URL that lets you share the tab, you can enter your email address. The changes aren't reflected in the iGoogle pages that contain your shared tab, so make sure everything is in the right place before sharing the gadgets.


  1. My desktop should be a connection to a conglomerate of manapulative tables personally labeled allocating selected drop-down menus of software, files, programs, references...etc, sourced from and contained on the internet replacing the current computer.

  2. I've been hunting for a "IGoogle Tab Gallery" for a bit this morning, the closest I have come so far is your post on sending the email to yourself for the URL. Thanks for that. I noticed your tagline while I was here, and wanted to mention that if you changed the name to 'google operating domain' not only would it be a bit more accurate, it would make a much better acronym!


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