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September 12, 2007

Google's Cricket OneBox

Google doesn't have too many sports-related features (there's a sports section at Google News and that's about it). The small OneBoxes are the perfect place for displaying live scores or information about teams and players, like you see in Live Search.

Google launched today a special feature for the Twenty20 World Championship of cricket. Search for cricket, cricket [Country] to see the latest scores and a list of current matches.

In true Google spirit, the OneBox links to three sources of information, some of the best sites about cricket, but it's interesting to see that the links contain oi=prbx, the same value used for the Bourne Ultimatum promotion. "Prbx" probably means "promotion box" and that doesn't look very good for Google.

{ via Google Blog }

Update: There's also a rugby OneBox, for the Rugby World Cup:


  1. They are very useful tools! I use them view results of Cricket matches when im doing a little Cricket Spread Betting or just didnt get chance to read the sports section out of the paper. Good blog!

  2. It is a new sector where Google has entered.Although there are many sites available for live score but Google has some specialty.It's special feature for the Twenty20 World Championship is nice,we can get live score and fixture also we will get player or team statistics.
    Jon Stromberg


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