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September 30, 2007

Different Themes for Each iGoogle Tab

iGoogle's themes were an instant hit. More than 30 percent of the users changed the default theme in the first weeks after the launch.

Now you can have different themes for each of your iGoogle tabs. If you select a new theme, you'll notice that only the current tab has a new look. All the other tabs have the old theme. This is also works when you share a tab: the theme is saved and is part of you tab's identity.

Google promised to release an interface that lets you create your own theme, but for the moment a good way to add custom themes is this third-party gadget. Note that you need to add the gadget for each tab you want to have a custom theme and you shouldn't expect to find themes that change depending on weather or time of the day.

{ spotted by Colin Colehour }


  1. 30% is a hit?
    Since when?

  2. That was the number from the first month or so. I said it was a hit because most people loved the themes, at least by looking at the comments from my posts and other blog posts, news articles and forums.

  3. Hey Ionut, thanks VERY MUCH for the link to that 3rd party gadget with themes!! Some of the included themes are really cool!

    Thanks for sharing :D

  4. 30% most definitely IS a hit. It's hard to get even 10% of any given group of people to do something new.

    Aside from that, it's sad to hear that 30% of iGoogle users are wasting their time on nonsense like themes for their tabs. I guess it's the same guys that love mobile ringtones and stuff like that.

  5. I'm a big fan of the New York Skyline one. I blew the minds of a few people I know working at Google, I had seen the theme announcement on here before they even knew about it.