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September 18, 2007

Searching for Celebrities in Reuters Videos

Reuters has a wealth of interesting videos, but the descriptions don't include all the persons that appear in the footage or the time when they appear. That's why Reuters started to use face recognition technology developed by Viewdle to power a new search engine that finds people in the videos.

"The technology, devised by Viewdle, analyses each frame of video footage, looking 'inside the clip' to identify the appearance of people on-screen. (...) The technology is largely impressive and Viewdle says it's building the world's biggest people-in-video reference database and has multiple patents in preparation," reports Viewdle is one of the companies selected for the Techcrunch 40 conference.

The project is part of Reuters Labs, which showcases a lot of interesting technologies that improve the way you interact with news. Reuters Popup Video lets you add comments for a certain part of a video, while Newsbeats mixed news with electronic music (the service was discontinued).


  1. Really works well. Why doesn't Google Video have this kind of innovation?

    As for the software patents they claim to pile... yuck. But I guess that's what you need to do with US laws.

  2. It would be really cool if you could apply this to pornography.

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