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December 16, 2008

Google Accounts Page Redesigned

Google Account page has been redesigned to integrate the information from your public profile and to show the list of services you use in a non-intuitive compact 3-columns layout.

The account page is a simple way to access Google's services you've used at least once, to remove some services from your account (for example: Orkut, Gmail, Web History), to change your password, security question, personal information and the list of sites that access data from your account using Google's APIs.

Ideally, this page should list the most frequently used services, should show the last activity data that's only available for Gmail and should also include options to save your data or to move it to another Google account. I still don't understand why Google doesn't save the global preferences in your account and the interface language or the SafeSearch option need to specified every time you use a new computer or you clear your cookies.

{ Thanks, Surendra Kumar. }


  1. it looks pretty good, btw u must be on english 'My account' page to have the redesign,

  2. Setting language separately for every service i really painful, and selecting in based on my location is even more annoying.

    It would also be great to integrate several google account into one (singing off and constant logging as different user isn't most fun thing to do...)

  3. Is there a way to suppress or remove the Chat module that appeared on my iGoogle page? even when signed out it slows the loading of the page.

  4. Great! Now all you have to do is to redesign google profile page...

  5. nice new quick access to all google service one is signed up for

  6. It is about time!!! Now like Anže said, they need to redisign the Google profile page so that it looks like a proper profile page and less like a score card page...

  7. nice new inovation from google. i saw this new account design yesterday. Hm, after add new feature on Gmail, google inprove the account template design too, nice new-year gift from google |:)



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