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December 16, 2008

The Search Box from YouTube's Embedded Player

You probably noticed that YouTube's embedded player started to include a search box when you pause a video and when you move the mouse at the top of a video.

While the implementation is probably too aggressive, the search box is a good way to find other similar videos on YouTube. The player shows 6 results at a time, but you can navigate using the two arrows and you can view other thumbnails from the video before selecting it. To go back to the list of search results, click on the Search button.

The search box sits there, at the top of the video, to show that there is so much more to explore and this video is just the starting point. There's a small YouTube inside each embedded player.


  1. Find it annoying the way it's included now.

  2. *nods* maybe if it showed up _after_ the video ... but not as it is now. maybe as a search button on the bottom bar

  3. It is *very* annoying. I agree that YouTube should show it only after the video. Or make it 50% opacity. Or add a close button. Or all of the above.

    As is, it is a negative user experience feature.

  4. They need to tweak the reveal but how is this annoying or a negative user experience?

    Hulu has a search box too and I actually find them useful... especially when the video sucks. :)

  5. I have created a hack that can remove the searchbar from the video.
    Visit this link:


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