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December 29, 2008

Translate Google Maps Reviews

Google Maps has a new option that automatically translates reviews written in a foreign language. This is especially useful if you are planning to visit a different country and most of the reviews are not available in a language that you speak. Here's a list of results for [bistro, paris, france] in the English interface of Google Maps and a search for [pizza ny] in the French Google Maps.

Similar options are available for Picasa Web comments, YouTube captions and many other services, thanks to the easy-to-use API for Google Translate.

It's worth mentioning that Google Translate's homepage has been redesigned and you can now translate text and web pages from the same box. Google Translate includes a new option that swaps the selected languages and the translations for short texts have permalinks.


  1. spotted that feature on November 19th :)

  2. How can I translate an easting and northing from an 1864 map?
    into a modern set of co-ordinates that I can use on Google Earth?

    The co-ordinates are 255998, 659341

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