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December 26, 2008

Oxymoronic Google Trends

Randall Munroe from xkcd imagines some correlations between Google searches and people that are unlikely to use them. The #1 US state for [men kissing] is indeed Utah, but the other correlations are made up.

Tip: track the fastest rising queries from your region using the Insight for Search gadget.

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  1. Is it that hard to install Ubuntu?

  2. @Kalvin Yu : Yes it is, for a lot of people living in Redmond ;)
    (don't feed me ! )

  3. Well, use Sitemaps to make mountainviewers happy :)

  4. How Is Babby Formed = WIN

  5. I forgot to link to a Google search for [babby]. Check the Flash animation from Something Awful and then read the (in)famous thread from Yahoo Answers.

  6. Randal Munroe and the bloggers have revealed
    more of their imagination then they are aware of.
    They assume "men kissing" means men kissing men.

  7. @ rainmaker:

    Of course, "men kissing men" gives the same result.
    Utah again!

  8. Obama has been writing Lincoln/Obama erotic fan fiction on his secret livejournal. Excerpt: Lincoln lay back on the bed, nude save for his trademark stovepipe hat. 'Tell me,' he purred seductively, as he and Obama formed a more perfect union. 'When you come, is it 10% ethanol?

    It's amazing what people sneak into there blogs

  9. They aren't oxymoronic.

  10. Actually, most of my Ubuntu searches are in the form "[Bug synopsis] Ubuntu". If course, as a testament to Google and the Linux/Ubuntu community, such a search almost always leads to a solution.

    I'm off the charts anyway, since I only work in Redmond, and all Google activity is proxied through my home ISP in Kirkland.


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