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December 6, 2008

Picasa Web Albums Translates Comments

Believe it or not, Picasa Web Albums is a big success outside US and, since the interface is available in 38 languages, many people post comments in their native languages. Click on a featured photo and you'll certainly see at least a comment written in Spanish, Italian, Chinese, French or other language.

Google's photo-sharing service started to use Google Translate API to automatically translate comments in your interface's language. The translation is displayed below the original comment.

Of course, the translation is not perfect and Google didn't do a good job at properly disclosing that it's an automatic translation (there's a "Powered by Google Translate" tooltip when you hover over the translation). This is yet another integration of Google Translate in Google's services, after translating Google Reader subscriptions and YouTube's search results. What other services would you like to integrate machine translation?


  1. Google Docs: Upload a document and have it (or part of it) translated into another language. Could be extremely useful.

  2. Next step: translate Google Help/Support pages that are often only available in English.

  3. Hi will you post a review of the linux-version of picasa-III? I'd like to know how smooth it runs before I download the package...

  4. How do you turn OFF the translation?? It is B-A-D!

  5. Is there an option to deactivate the translator?? Thank you!


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