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April 1, 2009

Compare Google Search Suggestions

Google Suggest, the feature that autocompletes a search as you type it, is now available in 155 local Google domains and 51 languages. The suggestions are different depending on the language and location, so I think it's an interesting idea to compare them.

This Google Spreadsheet lets you enter the first characters of a Google search in the first cell and it shows the top suggestions in the US, UK, Australia, France, Germany and Congo. The first row uses standard country codes, while the second row uses 2-letter language codes.

When you open the spreadsheet Google will ask you to create a copy in your account.


  1. Can this spreadsheet be updated for a different purpose? I'd like to see a US version where google and other search engines can be compared.

  2. If you can find an XML output from other search engines, change the first parameter of the importXML function. Don't forget to update the second parameter and use the proper XPath expression.

    For example, Yahoo's URL is:
    and the XPath expression is //s/@k
    (please note that Yahoo's suggestions don't necessarily start with your query)

  3. How about comparing Google suggestions to the other major vendors?

    I created to do this and the resulting collection of suggestions is pretty neat.

  4. Yes, this is the best thing about google suggestion, thats why google is no.1 and the best service provider.

  5. I love the highlighted cell. So tasteful: "why do guys get a boner?"

  6. this is more of a game. Why would we want to know what others search? If we wanted to search the same thing others search...there wouldn't be any such spreadsheet...
    but, nevertheless, it's fun!

  7. Google Suggest is a great utiliy which saves time while searching.


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