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April 20, 2009

Chromium Updater

If you use Chromium, the open source project behind Google Chrome, you probably noticed that the browser doesn't include an auto-update feature. For those who don't want to manually install the latest Chromium snapshot, there's Chromium Updater, an unofficial application that downloads and installs the latest Chromium version. Chromium Updater doesn't run automatically, so you still need to launch the software periodically.

Installing Chromium brings you the latest features and fixes, but the builds are usually less stable than Google Chrome's releases. A safer option is to install the early access release channels for Google Chrome, which include support for auto-update. "Subscribing to the Beta or Dev channel means you'll get more frequent (but less stable) updates and you'll get to try new features first."


  1. I made this application. There are settings to have my app start with your computer. It was designed around running from the tray. It checks for updates every 5 minutes. There is a hidden ini setting to change it though.

  2. Awesome app, much kudos for sharing.

  3. I hope Chrome doesn't end up having a billion different versions/variants like Windows does ;)

  4. I've build a quick Mac app that downloads the latest build for you. You can grab it from here:

  5. I use the one MulderR created at

    It gives you the option of only grabbing builds that pass all automated tests.

  6. Link to software is now broken...

  7. I keep getting a certain file missing after I update a rfholder file it keeps saying and I get an error when opening Chrome after. It says something about extensions missing

  8. The main reason Im installing Chromium is the missing RoboForm AI. Im not happy with the web based version so I use Chromium cause it has the toolbar at the bottom.

  9. Here's what I use to update Chromium in Windows:

    1. curl.exe from

    2. a .bat file:


    echo off

    set urlsetup=
    set urlrevision=

    for /f "tokens=*" %%a in ('"curl.exe -s %urlrevision%"') do @set revision=%%a
    echo Downloading Chromium rev%revision%.

    curl.exe -osetup.exe %urlsetup%
    if exist setup.exe (
    del setup.exe

    3. a task scheduler entry for update.bat.

  10. updater page is gone.

  11. Can someone put it on megaupload or similar? The sources are still available. Btw. several of the links in the original article are now linking to pure ad-sites.

  12. Hello Alex.

    This entry impossible to Trackback.
    So I wrote this comment.

    Your 'update.bat' modified for same as 'Chromium Updater.exe' settings.

    Setting Dialog:
    -After Install: Not Delete
    -Append File Name with Revision

    Enter this entry and see bottom of page.
    #Written in Japanese but codeblock is English only.
    #Search in page with 'ChromiumUpdaterCurl.bat'



  14. Did you know that as well as updating an existing version of Chromium browser,Chromium Nightly Updater CNU for short will also install Chromium on any computer that does not already have Chromium on it? When I first got my laptop it only had Internet explorer on it. so I downloaded CNU and ran it and it downloaded and installed Chromium for me. And CNU will only installs working builds. So I recommend that anybody who wants Chromium browser to use this method as it saves time browsing the web looking for a download link. Which is difficult to find. Andrea.

  15. Hello, Alex.

    Re-Typed New Update Script.
    『Automatic Chromium Updater with Wget on Windows』


  16. Chromium Auto Updater is a small and fully automated utility that will update your Chromium browser every day.

    Video Guide:

    Download (English): (500KB)
    Download (Polish): (501KB)

    Here are some key features of "Chromium Auto Updater":

    · daily update for Chromium browser at 8pm (can be changed)
    · you don't have to close browser during the update
    · you can update anytime by 'Start Menu' icon
    · does not work in the background and does not waste RAM memory
    · can be used (first use) as a Chromium Installer if browser not installed
    · you can install and use Chromium independently of Google Chrome
    · installation and uninstallation takes only 1 second

    Softpedia guarantees that Chromium Auto Updater 1.0 is 100% Clean, which means it does not contain any form of malware, including but not limited to: spyware, viruses, trojans and backdoors.

    Softpedia Link:


  18. I made a much better one. Check it out here


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