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April 18, 2009

Gmail Suggests Contacts when Sending Mail

Gmail Labs has a new feature that will appeal to those who frequently send messages to multiple people at a time. "Suggest more recipients" only works when you type at least two address in the "To" field and it suggests other contacts you should probably add, based on your previous usage.

"Gmail will suggest people you might want to include based on the groups of people you email most often. So if you always email your mom, dad, and sister together, and you start composing a message to your mom and dad, Gmail will suggest adding your sister," explains Gmail's blog.

While this feature is useful, Gmail could make it easier to add contacts when composing a message by linking to a contact picker, like the one that is included in many other Google services.


  1. I love it!!!Google always fills me with amazement!!Thanks!

  2. i found the feature didn't show in my gmail lab,
    don't know why?

  3. I've got the contact picker inside of my Gmail (I use Google Apps). It is awesome. I love the feature, and I've just logged into my regular Gmail account and was shocked to find it isn't there at all.

    Google DOES need to turn on the contact picker in regular Gmail!

  4. It's great when you don't wanna create groups all the time!

  5. It's good but... it should just be extra next to the contact picker, It's a ridiculous thing not to have in an e-mail program.

  6. Useless feature. You can create contact groups for situations like that.

  7. I feel its good fature , now you are free to make any group.

  8. I can't even figure out how to delete an obsolete contact from my google list, never mind more features lol! Good ol' G, keeping it real!


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