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May 27, 2009

Google Tennis OneBox

Google has a new OneBox that shows the latest results from Roland Garros, an important tennis tournament held in Paris. If you search for [roland garros] or [tennis], Google shows some recent results, but it's probably a better idea to search for a player's name.

This is not the only sports-related Google OneBox: you can also find results from football (or soccer), the National Hockey League (NHL), National Basketball Association (NBA), Major League Baseball (MLB), cricket, NASCAR or Formula 1.

{ Merci, Jean-Noël. }


  1. Funny, it works if you search [monfils] but it doesnt't if you enter its full French name [gaël monfils], although it works without ¨.

  2. I think "Show options" should be /selectable as/ default on one's Google account .. I think Google search NEEDs keyboard shortcuts, and very much so

  3. SO , Google is helping us in getting the updated information on Sports!!thats great!!

  4. Great service for sports enthusiasts especially followers of unique sports.

  5. It will be a better service if it shows scores live.

  6. WNBA results will be more appreciated by this service.

  7. Google had lack of sports field but this first step might fill that gap.

  8. Good to see Google leading the pack. Cant wait to see the new advances.

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