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May 21, 2009

Import iGoogle Feeds into Google Reader

Google Reader added an option to import the feeds from iGoogle, but you'll be able to use it only the first time you load the feed reader or by opening the welcome page. I assume that Google Reader wanted to help iGoogle users who need a more powerful feed reader.

The process of importing feeds is extremely painful, since Google Reader subscribes to each feed one by one. If you only have 5-10 feeds in iGoogle, it will import the feeds quickly, but you'll need to wait a lot longer if you have more than 50 subscriptions.

You can select the feeds that should be imported and Google Reader will convert iGoogle's tabs into folders.

Last year, I wrote a script that exports iGoogle feeds to OPML, so you can import them in other feed readers. It's more difficult to use than Google Reader's feature, but at least it's efficient.


  1. I just wish I could use Google Reader full stop. I have a google apps account, which "doesn't support google reader" - and if I use google reader under "a plain old gmail account" - then I have two email addresses which confuses the daylights out of everybody. And when you mail items of interest from google apps, you can't select a mail account either.

    So I'm being punished for using Google Apps :-/

  2. I'm waiting for a feature that would allow me to see new gmail email in my reader.
    It's so obvious, yet still unavailable!

  3. I don't think this option exists anymore, even though iGoogle hasn't sunseted yet.


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