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May 2, 2009

Styling Google Docs Forms

Google Docs doesn't offer an option to customize forms and you can only choose from 70 predefined themes. Gill Smith managed to find a list of parameters that let you style any Google Docs form by adjusting its address.

For example, you can remove the title of a form by adding "&ttl=0" to the URL, you can change the font by adding "&f=FONT_NAME", the text color by appending "&tc=HEX_VALUE" and the background color using "&bc=HEX_VALUE".

Note that this works only for the embedded forms, which have a special URL. Here's the address of the customized form displayed below:

Another option is to copy the HTML code generated by Google and to style it using CSS.

{ Thanks, ahab. }


  1. Gill has done some good work there by (what amounts to) deciphering the querystring, but it still only gets you an embedded (iframe) form.

    I like your other method(s) better.

    Thanks for all the info!

  2. I am interested in the style of your writing to be so interesting to read

  3. == Another option is to copy the HTML code generated by Google and to style it using CSS.==

    True, but awful lot of work just to tweak the fonts in a form. This is a whole area Google should open up and make more user-friendly. AFTER they let us REMOVE the "Enable Chat" link from our iGoogle pages.

  4. Any known way to adjust the vertical space between the different fields?

  5. I second that motion Jeff.

  6. Has anyone worked out how to override the redirect that the form goes to once submitted?

  7. I am also interested in overriding the redirect after the form is submitted. Has anyone figured this out?

  8. This was exactly what I'd been looking for. Thanks.


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