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May 16, 2009

What's in Store for Google Search?

Google experiments with a lot of interesting new features, but not all of them are publicly available. A post from Google's blog inadvertently revealed some experiments, by showing a list of iterations for the "search options" feature released this week.

The initial concepts for the "search options" panel included a lot of interesting enhancements:

* grouping search results by topic
* grouping search results by people
* showing page previews for search results
* showing only pages that you've seen or pages you haven't seen before

Google has previously tested an interface that grouped search results in predefined categories like reference or reviews, but it's not clear if "group by topic" works in a similar way or it's a different approach. To search pages you've seen before, there's Google Web History, but it's very slow and the ranking algorithm needs a lot of improvement.


  1. I would really like the Not-Seen-Before thing.

  2. Nice spotting, Ionut! As you've noted, the most interesting options - being maybe new - are grouping search results by topic and by people.

    What does "by topic" mean? Maybe you're right, and it's the old "categories" experiment.

    Anyway, I guess that it's not the clustering in SERP I imagined one year ago:
    The idea was: you search for [google blog], and you obtain such a result page:

    *Official Google blogs*
    1. Official Google Blog
    2. Official Google Blog post
    7. Official Google Webmaster Central Blog
    8. Official Google Mac Blog
    9. Google Online Security Blog
    10. Official Google Reader Blog

    *Google Blog Search*
    3. Google’s Blog Search

    *Google Blogging Platform*
    4. Blogger

    *Indipendent blogs about Google*
    5. Google Blogoscoped
    6. Google Weblog

  3. "A post from Google's blog inadvertently revealed some experiments, by showing a list of iterations for the "search options" feature released this week."

    What makes you think it was "inadvertent"? :)

  4. @djbaxter:
    Google is usually secretive about product launches.

  5. i think google have some valuable information in your store .that is very important for us,google is the best engine then the other engine .i like it

  6. it gives some insight into how google organises its data...but i'm sure they are still keeping plenty secret..

  7. grouping by people would be most useful..also by topic would be neat

  8. How can u delete ur previous search in Google?
    When i go for Google search, automatically all old searches come acc. to alphabet. How can one delete the old searches. I dont want to store any of my searches done.

  9. You hear reports of where police have uncovered details of Google search history from peoples computers, and where certain types of malware can search for and find your Google search history.

    Where about in ones PC is the data stored? (I'm not referring to the Google Toolbar).


  10. undoubtly........GOOGLE is the best search engine and is continuously improving....

  11. I dont think yahoo or bing can even stand infront of google...

  12. is there a way to automatically do iterations to allow one to drill down for better results?

  13. It's interesting to follow Google's progress as it seeks to improve it's overall search results. The battle between Google and the spammers I find fascinating.

  14. These seraches are not working anymore?

  15. Google is simply the best thing that happened to internet...


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