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October 23, 2009

Portable Google Chrome started to offer a portable version of Google Chrome for Windows. Due to the licensing terms of Google Chrome, the site offers a small application that downloads Google Chrome's installer, extract its files and installs a portable launcher. Copy the resulting folder to a USB drive and you can launch Chrome on multiple computers without leaving traces.

A much better idea would be to run Chrome using "roaming" profiles and save your settings and data online. Hopefully, Google Browser Sync will return in Google Chrome. There's already an experimental feature that synchronizes bookmarks with a Google account.

{ via PortableApps }


  1. Does it really leave no registry keys?

  2. I'm not so much interested in synchronizing my bookmarks with Google (or anyone else), I'd rather my Bookmarks menu access them directly (like GMarks for Firefox).

  3. We purposefully don't use roaming profiles because we can save an extraordinarily large amount of data in the profile. This is also tricky for sync.

  4. licensing prevents them from doing a normal portable app distribution?

    guess i'm glad i use portable iron instead of chrome.

  5. where the cookies stored?
    on computer or UFD?

  6. I think the cookies will be stored on the computer

  7. @kurt I don't really know much about licensing, but IMO the real reason they created an installer to handle the installation process is because they are planning to do more than just install chrome in the future. I don't think it's a simple matter of Google saying "users are of your site are too stupid to install this thing on their own, they need your help" :-)

  8. portable google was so useful for me,cause my brother always looking at the history of my site that i login,,,
    so i never want to happen it again so i download a
    portable something and i store it to my usb disk
    when i want to go to my mail i use it and there no
    was problem of using it
    After i logout i just snap out my usb disk then my
    brother checks at the cookies and history he saw nothing!
    Yeh! it works

    your account will be secured,thus making your history save at your portable google inside your portable drive making security easier


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