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October 29, 2009

Google's New Campus in Kirkland

TechFlash posted a tour of Google's new campus from Kirkland. "The company has 400 employees at the campus, brought together from two previous locations in the city. Among the features of the campus: a puzzle embedded in the carpet of one room; a very Googley indoor climbing wall; a high-tech wellness center and gym; conference rooms named after UNIX commands and mountain ranges; and tons of inside jokes for geeks, including the FooBar fruit bar as part of the Sudo Cafe."

"The three-building, LEED-certified complex, two buildings of which Google currently occupies, includes an employee gym, locker rooms, massage room, massage chairs, cafeteria, rock-climbing wall, doctor's office, foosball tables, pool tables – oh yeah, and offices. Google Kirkland, along with the smaller Google Seattle office in Fremont, is entirely responsible for Google Talk and Talk Video, and has its hand in a long list of products such as Maps, Chrome, Gmail, YouTube, Analytics, AdPlanner, AdWords and more," informs SeattlePi.

{ via Justin Uberti }


  1. Nice place... Red, Blue, and Yellow!!!

    Love the sudo cafe... on my next job.. I'll go to google!! :)

    Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. I like the geekiness of naming the conference rooms based on UNIX commands :-)


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