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June 28, 2010

Google OneBox for Sunrise and Sunset

Google shows sunrise and sunset information in a special OneBox at the top of the search results. If you type [lima sunrise] or [paris sunset], Google will show the time for sunrise or sunset in that location.

Google says that this feature works for almost any location. "Whether you're looking to find the best time for a morning jog or trying to plan that perfect moment for a wedding proposal, knowing exactly when the sun rises or sets can always be helpful. (...) Unlike the weather, sunrises and sunsets are quite predictable, and as a result, we don't use a data source. Instead, we calculate sunrise and sunset times based on latitude, longitude and the current time. This calculation has been of interest to astronomers and mathematicians for millennia, so they've had time to get it just right. And for most locations, it's accurate to within a single minute."

You can also type [sunset] or [sunrise] and Google should show accurate information for your location. Google has similar OneBoxes for weather and time.


  1. It would be nice if they bundled all these OneBox applets in an API. The AJAX search API excludes these results.

  2. Could someone please make an iGoogle gadget that displays this info?

  3. I hope it'll be customizable for the next days...
    morning, afternoon, evening, night, and so on...

  4. Sunset and Sunrise from GNU/Linux terminal

    Example usage:
    hemanth@ubuntu:/tmp$ sunrise bangalore
    3 hours 44 minutes from now
    hemanth@ubuntu:/tmp$ sunset bangalore
    16 hours 37 minutes from now

    /me knows it will work only till Google keeps the layout the same

  5. My clock applet does this (Gnome).

    I was able to trigger the wheather OneBox in my locale (météo Paris), but not to get the time or the time to sunset.


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