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August 24, 2010

Chrome Extensions Can Add New Items to the Context Menu

Chromium's blog announced that extension developers can add custom actions to the context menu, now that this feature is available in Google Chrome 6 Beta.

"The new context menu API allows extension developers to register menu items for all pages or for a subset of pages. Developers can also register menu items for specific operations, like right-clicking on an image or movie. For example, you could create an extension that makes it easy for users to share interesting images from with their friends on Google Buzz."

Here are 3 extensions that use the new APIs:

* QR Code Generator, which generates a QR code from a web address (right-click on a link, select "Generate QR code" and use Barcode Scanner for Android or another application to scan the code).

* Imgur Uploader, which uploads images to Imgur.

* TweetRight, an extension that lets you share images, links, webpages and selected text on Twitter.

You can try these extensions if you use Chrome 6 Beta, Chrome 6 Dev Channel, a Canary build or a recent Chromium build.

Chrome 6 supports two other APIs for managing the browser's cookies and detecting when the computer's idle state changes, but there other interesting changes.

{ Thanks, Arpit. }


  1. This wouldn't allow a chrome user the IE feature "set as background" for changing your desktop wallpaper, would it?

  2. liked tweetright extension.

    new chrome api = a new generation of chrome addons is on the way.

  3. Now that's interesting! Gotta make a new option.


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