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August 20, 2010

Gmail Voice and Video Chat for Linux

After two years of waiting, Gmail's plug-in for voice and video chat is finally available for Linux users. "Voice and video chat for Linux supports Ubuntu and other Debian-based Linux distributions, and RPM support will be coming soon," says Tristan Schmelcher, from Google.

Justin Uberti says that adding Linux support was really difficult. "This release required significant engineering to develop an all-new video rendering solution and an all-new PulseAudio-based audio handler, along with work to support 64-bit and countless webcam compatibility tests. We spent a lot of effort to make it fully feature-complete, with all the same goodies as the Windows and Mac versions, and we're happy to now support Google voice and video now on all major desktop platforms."

Now that video chat is available on Windows, Mac and Linux, when will it be ported to Android?


  1. Super, ca manquait vraiment sur Ubuntu.

    Merci Google

  2. Congratulations, this is warmly welcomed!

    Android is a must now!!

  3. >we're happy to now support Google voice and video >now on all major desktop platforms.

    all major desktop platforms?. openSuSE/Fedora doesn't fall under major desktop platforms?.

    When can we expect support for them also?

  4. Finally! Now you just need to add sub-folders to PicasaWeb, so Linux and ChromeOS users can really migrate to web :)

  5. >Finally! Now you just need to add sub-folders to PicasaWeb, so Linux and ChromeOS users can really migrate to web :)

    And integrate Picasa with Google Docs ;)

    Thank you, guys at Google

  6. Now, I can start learning Linux :D

  7. oops! seems that pulseaudio is required T_T

  8. in windows , flash is required. is it the same for linux?

  9. No, the plug-in doesn't require Flash.

  10. My old webcam (sn9c1xx PC camera) not work inmediatly :( ... but I try:

    LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib32/libv4l/ google-chrome&

    and Work !! ...I'm Relly happy :D

  11. In Ubuntu try Empathy IM Client, it no needed any plugin...

    But I welcome this...

  12. Loving it to say the least. Long awaited...Android is a must for sure, now! Awesome progress, awesome for Linux! Thanks Google :-)

  13. "Sorry! The voice chat with ...... failed due to an error [Code: 3 Remote: false] at10:23 PM"
    What may be the problem..?

  14. I get the same error [Code: 3 Remote: false]. Haven't played with it enough yet tho.


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