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August 12, 2010

YouTube Tests Tag Refinements

YouTube experiments with a new search results page that lets you refine results by selecting related tags. For example, if you search for [race car], YouTube shows a list of popular tags related to your query: #autos & vehicles, #indycar, #cars, #wreck, #car crashes etc. YouTube also shows the list of tags for each search result.

If you click on one of the tags, you'll restrict the list of search results to videos that have a certain tag.

YouTube doesn't use only user-defined tags, some of the tags are video properties (#hd, #fresh), tags used in comments (#omg, #lol, #wtf, #ftw, #fail, #cute), usernames.


  1. I'm waiting for that to be publicly available. Will be in TestTube maybe?

  2. I'm seeing that for like 2 days already. And I think it makes the result's page a bit crowded. Or maybe I'm just used to seeing the simpler one.

  3. From what I just read on the YouTube Help Forums [Link], you can no longer define for Date? If that's true, that really blows.

  4. it's awful. too cluttered with irrelevant "tags", and the inability to sort by date, view count, etc... is inexplicable.

  5. Something unrelated to the post: YouTube no longer displays the playlist when a video from the Favorites is played? No more auto-play!

  6. advanced search has disappeared while browsing with google chrome on youtube.

    can't search by channel, playlist, duration, ect.

    hate it, along with several other updates since youtube has been doing so.


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