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January 13, 2011

Spell Checker for Gmail Search

Gmail added a feature that used to be available in the Apps Search experiment from Gmail Labs: a spell checker for your queries. For example, if you search for [anounced], Gmail will show a message above the results: "did you mean announced". Gmail doesn't have a special query spell checker, so it gets the suggestions from Google Search.

Gmail's search feature is a lot less sophisticated than Google's Web search engine, which replaces some of your words with synonyms or similar terms and sorts the results by relevance. Google could use the importance flags and other signals to find results that are likely to be important, the search engine could index attachments and it could become a module from a more comprehensive search engine that shows results from Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Docs, Google Reader, Google Maps, Google Buzz, Google Contacts and much more.

{ Thanks, Joel. }


  1. Good that Gmail is adding these few features in it. I just wrote one article on how to schedule your email in gmail i guess soon gmail will install these such things in it too.

  2. I know several people who regularly misspell specific words, and it actually helps to search for those misspellings.

  3. Nice!

    Thanks for the heads up.

  4. The search facility in Gmail certainly does need to improve.
    Countless times I've been looking for an email, searching for a keyword but can't quite remember exactly which word I used. It even can't link singular and plural versions of the same word meaning you have to search twice!

  5. Gmail need more improve like yahoo inbox.In yahoo inbox they provide the extra application for I think Gmail need to put some more application in inbox


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