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January 20, 2011

More Compact Google Search Options

Google used to group the options from the search sidebar so you can quickly find the filters related to location, visited pages and the different ways to present search results. All these groups have been merged and Google only kept the group that lets you restrict the results to recent web pages. Google also removed the "related searches" view which showed a list of related searches at the top of the page and allowed you to compare the results for different searches.

"Based on your search and the Google property you've selected, you'll see a customized list of filtering tools. We'll automatically show you the tools that seem most relevant to your search, so you won't always see all of these tools," explains Google. To display all the filters, click "more search tools".

Here's a screenshot that shows some of the old sections:


  1. I can definitely appreciate this move. I'm struggling to remember the last time I ever used the wonder wheel, for example.

  2. I don't really care about any of that.
    Is the old image search, where I had pages I could go through to find things (instead of just one page that taxed my system to to point of freezing) ever coming back? Or, do you just not give a crap that google's changes suck, and people are using google less and less?

    Btw, I think I can figure out what kind of ...well, anything, I came to search for. And, what the hell is a Wonder Wheel? Is it just something to cause confusion? Because if that's the case, you can just send people to the new youtube homepage. That'll confuse the hell out of someone in no time.

  3. What sort of a computer do you have if the new Image Search is taxing your system to the point of freezing? Mine is 5 years old, and Image Search works just fine... in fact, better than fine, I love the new layout and options (even though Bing still has a few advantages).

  4. I don't check news paper for new movies nearer my home in theaters i use Google for it.

  5. While it may not be the most popular tool on the search results page, Wonder wheel can come in handy for students writing research papers. I also find the date refinements really useful.

  6. searching by time and date is most useful, it can be used to 'snapshot' the web..


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