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January 19, 2011

Gmail Labs Search

There are so many Labs features in Gmail that's difficult to find one of them. There's always Ctrl+F to the rescue, but you shouldn't have to use a browser feature for this.

To solve this problem, Gmail added a search box that performs some simple text matching and it's not another Labs feature, so anyone can use it. Start typing docs, chat, labels and you'll see a list of Labs experiments that match your keywords.

My favorite feature is that you can now link to a Gmail Labs experiment by adding /keywords to the URL: search.

{ via Gmail Blog }


  1. This is such an unflattering implementation to a basic problem. I couldn't believe they had the gall to advertise this solution on their blog.

    This 'search' function is great to reduce the list to something you are looking for. But why the hell can't it be a list of items that can be sorted by enabled/disabled? Add checkboxes to the left where I can select 20 items/all and enable/disable? The guys that came up with this solution should be fired - or looks like Google's hiring process has really loosened up.

  2. @Ananya The list is already sorted by enabled/disabled if you care to notice.

  3. My apologies! You are correct in pointing that out. Thanks - it is useful instead of wading through the entire list and I somehow missed it.

    However, my other concerns still stand true. Besides, does this the kind 'half-a$$ed feature' deserve front page 'achievement status' on the Google Blog? That's a very low standard in my regard and I am sure I am not alone in that thought.

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