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January 19, 2011

New Google Maps Navigation Controls

After more than three months of testing, the new Google Maps navigation controls have replaced the classic tabs. By default, Google shows a small preview of the satellite imagery and a link to the traffic layer, but you'll get more options if you mouse over "satellite" or "traffic".

Google lists the layers that are available (terrain, webcams, the confusingly named Buzz, videos, Wikipedia, bicycling, real estate, transit, 45 degree imagery, labels), including a list of previous searches and driving directions.

"When we launched Google Maps, we had one layer -- the map. Since then, we've added more than ten different ways to explore the world around you, including photos, transit and traffic information, as well as satellite and terrain views. We've now updated the design so that you can more easily see and switch between the various viewing options that are available," explains Google.

I find the new interface more confusing, but I admit that it will better accommodate the new layers that will be released. Until now, if you wanted to switch to the satellite mode, you clicked the "satellite" button and that was it. Now Google shows a lot more options when you mouse over the button and you might even forget what you wanted to do.


  1. Mouhai, bof

    un peu déroutant au début, j'espère que je vais m'habituer.

    En générale Google ne me déçoit pas, je pense qu'ils ont raison...

    L'avenir le dira

  2. I am looking forward to trying this out. I use the Google Chrome SE and have always found it to be very quick and have had no compaints at all.

  3. I have been using it in beta for a while. I like it in general however, I don't see the need for the two widgets. They could have combined them into one.

    I also wish that it was moveable. being able to see the satellite view while in map mode has its merits however, I would rather move the widget than the map to view it.

  4. Would be interesting to see some numbers that show how much the different map types and overlays are used. I suspect the prominent placement of the "Earth" (Satellite 3D) view doesn't reflect the popularity of that feature (nor does the entire layout follow any logic as far as I can tell), but is an attempt to get people to use it more.

  5. How do you see traffic history now? That option has become elusive!

  6. This isn't available to me for some reason. Do I need to upgrade something?

  7. Probably the changes have been temporarily rolled back.

  8. i'd like to see more features on mobile maps for android

  9. Does this mean no more traffic prediction? In the former version of maps, users could look at current traffic and typical traffic for different times.

    Am I missing it somewhere? Was it ever used? The data ought to be available... somewhere.

  10. When you put in 4 or 5 addreses does google offer rerouting for milage savings?

  11. I can't find the Real Estate option any more. I was using it often and now it's gone.


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