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January 25, 2011

Gmail Cloud Print

Google has enabled Cloud Print in Chrome's Dev Channel builds for Windows, but the only option available was to print a test page. Now you can use Google Cloud Print from Gmail's mobile web app for Android and iPhone. The integration lets you print attachments without having to use a full-fledged computer. Since there's no printer with native support for Google Cloud Print, you still need a computer running Google Chrome.

Cloud Print is enabled by default in Chrome Dev Channel and it can be manually enabled in the other builds by typing about:flags in the address bar, clicking "Enable" next to "Cloud Print Proxy" and restarting the browser. To be able to use it, you first need to go to Options >> Under the hood >> Google Cloud Print and log in with a Google account.

Update: According to Google, this feature is also available in Google Docs. "This feature will be rolling out for English speaking users in the US and will work on most phones that support HTML5, such as devices running Android 2.1+ and iOS 3+."


  1. do you need to confirm each print sent from android with your google account?

    and does it require to run google chrom always if you want to print or is it running as some background service?

  2. I have it running, but cannot find any option to print to the Cloud Printer from within Chrome or Gmail. Neither the in-page print buttons, nor the Chrome print option bring up a Cloud Printing dialogue, they instead just show me the default printing options.

  3. @Jens: It should work as a background process.


    The first thing you need to do is to enable Cloud Print. If you're using the mainstream version of Chrome (stable builds or even beta builds), this feature is not enabled by default. You can find it if you go to about:flags and enable "Cloud Print Proxy". Restart the browser and you'll see a new feature in Options > Under the hood (it should be at the bottom). Enable Cloud Print and log in to a Google account. Print a test page to make sure that it's working.

    Cloud Print is a separate feature that has nothing to do with the regular print feature. It's only useful to print documents from devices that can't communicate with printers (for example: mobile phones) and websites need to add support for it. The mobile versions of Gmail and Google Docs started to support Cloud Print, but you need an iPhone or an Android phone.

  4. so fantastic, fantastic my friend...thanks for share \m/

  5. Updated Chrome, restarted Chrome, enabled cloud printing, logged in.

    I could not print the test page or from my phone. From reading other blogs, I am the rule not the exception. Hope Google works the bugs out soon.

  6. Window Vistar Chrome Beat version not work...

  7. Google really was amazing, for it had done which was supposed to be impossible. Google Cloud will allow you print emails and documents like .doc files and PDF. And I really like the printing feature of this Google Cloud. You will not spend a lot of time, and this is easy to use.

  8. There are apps for Android which are based on Google Cloud Print, have a look at



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