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February 4, 2012

Google Instant, Disabled For Slow Computers

Google Instant is supposed to make searching faster, but you need a pretty good Internet connection, a modern browser and a decent computer. Google Instant is not available if you use IE6 or other outdated browsers and it's automatically disabled if you have a slow Internet connection.

Now Google also disables Instant if you have a slow computer. "If Instant gets automatically disabled, we continue to check your computer speed and will re-enable Instant if your performance improves," informs Google. If you don't like this change, you can disable it from the search preferences page. Just select "always show Instant results" in the "Google Instant predictions" section.

I've tested this feature on an old laptop and Google's implementation isn't great. Google Instant continues to be enabled for the initial query even if it's slow, then it's suddenly disabled when you visit Google Search again. Google doesn't show a message next to the search box to explain why Instant is disabled and not many people will visit the search preferences page, which both an explanation and a fix.

This is just one of the 17 updates from last month that improved Google Search.


  1. And how do they know if computer is fast or not? Another tracking, isnt it? -.-

    1. My guess they used javascript to check the speed of your computer and then put a cookie to determine whether to use google instant next time - something along that line. Anyway, I really doubt google is interested enough in how fast your computer runs to track it ==

  2. New Google test says goodbye to drop-down menu:

  3. stupid Google Instant!!! I already disabled it!

  4. I hate google instant. Not sure why. I guess I don't want google telling me what i'm searching for. I disable it but it keeps coming back on aarrggghhh

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  6. Who ever came up with the idea for google instant must have spen to much time at the college kegger's there brain is warped .

  7. How the hell do I turn it off??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    Cookies are saved, but it turns on every single time. Infuriating. I'm going back to Firefox/Yahoo.

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