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February 4, 2012

Google Groups Themes

Just in case you don't like the Google Groups interface and want to customize it, there's a new light gray theme you can try. Just click the settings button, click "Themes" and select the "soft gray" theme. This only works in the new Google Groups interface.

A similar theme is also available for Gmail and it will be interesting to see if Google Groups will add support for the other Gmail themes. Maybe apps like Google+, Google Docs, Google Reader and even services like Google Search will support Gmail's color themes.

{ Thanks , Herin. }


  1. we are waiting for new ones

  2. One that makes a group look nice when embedded on a dark page would be useful.

    1. Exactly, themes like the kind Google Sites provides so I could match a Group "template" with the one I use with Google Sites. I mean it's so obvious this has to be implemented FCOL (For Crying Out Loud).

  3. Seriously? White and grey? It's been almost a year. Where are the others?

  4. Cannot believe there still are only two color themes :( Please get this fixed Google!

  5. Just a little bit lite for Google company. Microsoft is doing better for their collaborative platform.

  6. Insane this hasn't been expanded yet


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