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February 2, 2012

Google Docs Will Improve Paragraph Styles and Add More Fonts

An upcoming Google Docs update will bring a better interface for selecting paragraph styles and new features that lets you customize styles.

Google Docs will also add some new open source fonts from the Web Fonts project: Amaranth, Arvo, Dancing Script, Lobster, Merriweather, Open Sans, Philosopher, Quattrocento.

Google has recently updated the Android app for Google Docs and added offline support, while also improving the reading layout for tablets.

Update (February 6): Custom styles are now available.

{ Thanks, J. }


  1. Cool. Waiting for this and also for better multi-numbering styles.

  2. What?! No ROBOTO font?! AWCOMEON!

  3. Sweet! Now if GDocs could just add multi-column support, I'd be all set =)

  4. Two columns are easy enough to emulate with a large table with two cells. What I'd like to see is the ability to remove words from the custom dictionary. A lot of people accidentally add misspelled words.

  5. Agree to have multi-column support as a first priority.

  6. Finally, we will be able to edit the heading styles!
    I am still using the old editor because of that.

  7. When will this update be implemented?

    1. This function appeared today for me.

  8. About time we had a bigger choice of fonts. It's almost like a beta version of word!

  9. I was pretty excited to see support for custom styles, then disappointed to find it's not really "custom styles" so much as "customize the existing styles". You can't make your own styles, still. But it's a big improvement.

  10. Great update! We use it for writing manuals and documentation in our company and it will be nice to have more choices.

  11. Also I would like to have combined spell check. most people are two langued and often writes in both, therefore it would be nice to have the ability for the software to recognize so the user do not need to change from time to time


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