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February 24, 2012

A Strange Google Mobile Experiment

Sometimes it's difficult to understand Google. A few weeks after dropping the non-obvious navigation menu from the desktop UI, Google tests a new mobile interface that uses the same menu.

Cascading menus on a mobile device? They're too large and many Google services are missing (Reader, Blog Search, iGoogle, Product Search, Google Finance, Picasa Web, Google Talk, Google Tasks), not to mention that there's no room for displaying Google+ notifications.


  1. It is actually not such a bad option.
    Remember that this is only an experiment
    Some corrects and it would be nice.
    You are criticising.. but give a better idea.
    Also in present UI a lot of google services are missing.
    It looks like new google, and doing its job as goog as old interface

    1. Yes, Ponioslo. I totally agree with your opinion. As you mentioned here, it just an experiment and trying to provide best and user-friendly output.

  2. A menu makes more sense on a (small) mobile screen in order to save real estate. On a desktop screen there is enough room and you can afford to put a bunch of (always) visible link which accelerate the navigation.

    As a side note, I think the menu on desktop was annoying because of the choice of making it react to mouse hovering and not just mouse click. Many times I would rapidly click on google and my click would actually close the menu which was opening with a delay in response to the mouse over. This will not happen on a touch screen where there is no mouse hover.

  3. I will say this again, can I have my grey bar back with drop down menu.

    Anything better than the horrible hybrid we got right now.

    As soon as Google stops experimenting is the day the companies dies in my opinion.

    An Google please bring back the drop down menu bar.

  4. please bring back the drop down menu bar.

  5. I think that non-obvious menu was great for advanced users of the desktop UI. It would be nice to have an option in settings to get the menu back.

  6. It's mobile! In cellphones you have to fit everything in small screen. Perfect! Well done, Google.

  7. As soon as Google stops experimenting is the day the companies dies in my opinion.

  8. It looks much better than the current mobile UI, but I can understand that it might not be very practical.

  9. It looks so much better and appealing and fits in with the newer look on the desktop. I can't stand the look of the blue theme of the mobile site and find it frustrating to use.

  10. C'mon! Be creative, think in positive ways, give them feedback instead of complaining, that never helps. =)


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