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February 13, 2012

Google's Doodle for Valentine's Day

This year's doodle is actually a video that uses Tony Bennett's song "Cold, Cold Heart" to tell the story of a boy who tries to find a gift for the girl he loves, but fails to impress her.

The doodle is available if you visit Google Australia, Google Japan and other domains for countries that celebrate Valentine's Day because it's already February 14 there.

Here are the other Google doodles for Valentine's Day.

{ Thanks, Dan. }


  1. Perfect for Love Birds and so for me. :)

  2. Ha ha I enjoyed it - bit different to the normal hearts and flowers!

  3. That should be "uses Hank Williams's standard 'Cold, Cold Heart' as sung by Tony Bennett," I believe.

  4. I can see it even i'm not from aussie and japan :-) awesome cartoon

  5. On last Valentine's day, Google choose such a wodnerful doodle. Really that was nice. Awesome imaginary.


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