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February 9, 2012

New Interface for Google Feedback

Google's feedback tool that's used in many services for reporting bugs has a new interface. It looks much better and it doesn't open a new page to show the information that's sent to Google. You can also see a list of all your bug reports.

"Google Feedback lets you send Google suggestions about our products. We welcome problem reports, feature ideas and general comments," informs Google.

To try Google Feedback, go to Gmail, click the "settings" menu and then "report a bug". A similar feature is available in Google Docs, YouTube and many other Google services. You can see the old version of Google Feedback if you click "Report a bug" in YouTube's footer when you watch a video.

Google Feedback started as an extension and now it's a web app.

{ Thanks, Sterling. }


  1. I hope they open source it as an app! That's be sweeeeet!

  2. The Feedback sucked badly, Firefox or Chrome it spike the CPU to 99%, always complained that the screenshot didn't work, and could never submit the feedback... "error, try again later".

    It was the worse Google product ever.

  3. Google launch new Google bar... but you can still using the drop-down menu:

  4. One problem is that Google doesn't have the "Report a bug" link on enough of their pages. For example, the images on the page below have been broken for a long time, but there's no good way to notify them. (It's also kind of strange that they're still using Google Groups for the Feedburner support forums.)

  5. Google Drive logo?:

  6. I agree with kevin P. no "Report a bug" link.

  7. Google I've got some feedback for you, why isn't blocked sites back yet?

  8. I don't have a report bug button in my gmail settings... Only Mail Settings & Mail Help... Anybody else have this problem?

  9. I've reported the same bug twice already last year. Still not fixed. Still no feedback.

  10. I cannot find where to put this, despite a long hunt. I cannot open Google Feedback upon the page in question, although that seems to clearly be the intent. Perhaps the reason is that the feedback does not relate to a page from gmail, but to a page from a search. Whatever. Here, I am giving the issue.

    I had searched upon Discover Magazine, and completed my business there, including branching off to another window and sending an email. As I was about to dismiss the page, at the bottom I noticed 2 entries, among others not very relevant: "Customer Service", and "Subscribe Magazine". Curious to see what customer service for Discover looked like, I entered the site. Once there, I found it had nothing whatever to do with Discover, nor with Customer, nor with Service, except in the sense that the businesses wanted customers, and would surely 'service' me.

    I can only suggest that the title be changed to "Google customers and services", and "Google subscribe magazines".

    This is false and misleading advertising, a serious evil which, to date, Google has largely avoided. If you do not mend your ways, I will, after all, give Bing (from some really notorious liars) the chance it has been panting for, since then I would have nothing to lose.


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